Commitment to Sustainability:

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and fast fashion brands are particularly harmful. Here at Disco Tiger, we want to change that. 

All of the clothes in our shop are vintage.  Buying vintage or second hand is the most sustainable way to shop, as it effectively produces no new waste materials, and limits the use of finite resources such as water and minerals.  In addition, we look for clothing that is well made, and won’t go out of trend super quickly, so our customers go through clothes at a slower pace.

Another harmful environmental practice of ecommerce fashion companies is  producing non-biodegradable waste through their excessive packaging.  We ship our items in either packaging made from 100% recycled materials, or reused boxes that we source from recycling centers and bins.  All of the packing materials inside of our shipments are also either secondhand/donated or made from 100% recycled materials.   Our packaging may not look as ‘perfect’ as those from other fashion companies, but they produce zero waste and use up far less resources –we think this makes them better!